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Having the right people in the right jobs is truly powerful. PXT Select™  not only helps you find the right people, but also helps you shape the overall employee experience. PXT Select’s suite of reports helps you select, 
onboard, coach, and develop employees to reach their full potential.


THE COACHING REPORT – Wish you had coaching advice tailored to each employee? This report gives you exactly that and more!


SALES REPORTS – Have a sales team? The following reports provide a view of critical sales practices and incorporate sales language to help organizations hire, on-board, and
develop their sales people:

  • Sales: Comprehensive Report

  • Sales: Individual Feedback Report

  • Multiple Candidates Report 

  • Sales: Coaching Report


LEADERSHIP REPORT – Wish you had insight into how a candidate leads? Great for hiring but also for leadership development, this report illustrates how an individual’s personal characteristics, strengths and challenges relate to six distinct Leadership Skills relevant in today’s workplace.

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Become your organization’s PXT Select™ expert by registering for PXT Select Expert Practitioner Certification. Contact us for more information.

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